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The movie is a stunning love story at its core, and we can't stop/won't stop singing its praises.

Also we can't stop singing in general, because the soundtrack to this movie is #flawless. Between the costumes, the cinematography, and literally everything about Natalie Portman, we want to live in this film.

Until that happens, , a gorgeous and colorful ode to the City of Angels, and the dreamers that populate it.

You know, minus the overwhelmingly sad plot about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' life post JFK assassination.

a lovely coming of age story about a high schooler who simply cannot when she finds out her best friend is dating her brother.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Annette Bening: For taking on roles that go against the grain of conventional female ‘objective’ beauty.

Best Equality Of The Sexes: ‘Loving’ Best Animated Female: ‘Moana’ Best Family Film: ‘Queen Of Katwe’ WFCC Hall of Shame: Women Dating Their Rapists in Movies: ‘Elle’ **Adrienne Shelly Award: Adrienne Shelly was a promising actress and filmmaker who was brutally strangled in her apartment in 2006 at the age of forty by a construction worker in the building, after she complained about noise.