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This is best for when you want to not see the Notification reminder for a full day.The primary downside to this approach is that it temporarily disables all notifications, not just Software Update.This is the best approach for when you’re trying to work and you don’t have time to install a software update when it bugs you, but you want to be reminded again to install it later the same day.Option Clicking on the Notification Icon button will turn it grey, disabling Notifications for the day.We do have a bug that appears to leave projects checked out when you wouldn't expect them to be.But I suspect that in many cases it may be that the architectural changes to 2007 have caused some of this confusion - and the default view of the queue may well hide the true cause of the problem.I ran the installer and the update downloaded and verified itself. The "Checking for Updates" started, but stayed at 0% for hours so I knew there was an issue.It promised "This may take a few minutes", but that was out the window.

Almost every change that you make to the files on your dev machine is stored in your workspace as a pending change until you check it in.

window displays all the checked-out files in the current solution.

You can use this window to check in all the checked out files in a solution with a single button click.

So - check out these different scenarios to see if this covers your issues:- UPDATE: Thanks to Ed Hanna and Brian Kennemer for bringing it to my attention - but it appears that closing Project using the X in the top right can lead to check-in issues.

So best practice would be first to save and ensure that any communication with the server has completed (look in the status area after saving) and then using File, Close.