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Genelia: I am glad that we went through all these phases because life is all about evolving and when you get married, there is a comfort level that I had with Riteish right from day one.
In this question #407 I could find answer on first part of my question. How could Core Data objects be integrated with IGList Kit especially without NSFRC updates delegate methods? From example: However I am now having a issue with perform Updates that I reported in #460 because when Core Data objects are updated, even calling perform Updates does not reflect in UI correctly (even if the datasource is correctly updated) @rnystrom @racer1988 so the best way is to build view model over model and monitor updates in it? transfer updates part to something that could be immutable and could be diffable in its nature?

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It seems that the effeminacy of man is laid to the charge of the air or of the water; yet it is not these, but rather riches and wanton living, that are the cause of effeminacy" (Strabo, Geography, XIV.2.16).

Vitruvius, in seeking to correct this vulgar error, relates how Greek colonists, having driven out the native inhabitants of Caria, established trade near the fountain, which was known for the purity of its water.

F/1639Inscription: Incised in cartouche on front of base: DUPLEX COR UNO IN PECTORE / SAEPE INVENIES. [trans.: Often you will find a double heart in one breast.

Beware of treachery.]Incised in cartouche on back of vase: DUPLICEM FORMAM UNO IN CORPORE VIDES.

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"Her prayers found favour with the gods: for, as they lay together, their bodies were united and from being two persons they became one.

As when a gardener grafts a branch on to a tree, and sees the two unite as they grow, and come to maturity together, so when their limbs met in that clinging embrace the nymph and the boy were no longer two, but a single form, possessed of a dual nature, which could not be called male or female, but seemed to be at once both and neither." Ovid, Metamorphoses (IV.288ff) Ovid tells the story of the Naiad Salmacis and the beautiful youth Hermaphroditus, with whom she fell in love, to explain why the spring of this "rude uncivil nymph" (in John Dryden's phrase) had such an enervating effect on those who drank from it.

Located near the mausoleum at Halicarnassus (the capital of Caria in Asia Minor), it had "the slanderous repute, for what reason I do not know, of making effeminate all who drink from it.