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Ibanez took a renowned body shape and made it into the icon of heavy music styles.

Built with metal in mind, yet versatile and great for any style, the RG has found itself in the arms of artists such as Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit), John Frustciante (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and Grammy Award winning guitarist Steve Vai.

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For those who came in late, a guitar is defined as a fretted neck instrument, fitted with a flat wooden soundboard, some ribs and a back with incurved sides.

We have an outstanding stock of concert guitars at this time - Angelo Vailati, Daniele Marrabello, Kevin Aram, Marco Bortolozzo, Christopher Dean, Richard Newman, Dominique Delarue, Simon Ambridge, Jose Marin Plazuelo, Stephen Hill, Stephen Frith, Ignacio Fleta, Manuel Reyes & more. In case of vacation or being away on business, please telephone or e-mail to confirm appointment before committing your travel ...

Guitars by José Romanillos, Robert Bouchet, Daniel Friederich, Hermann Hauser I, Hermann Hauser II, David José Rubio, Dominique Field, Francisco Simplicio, Enrique Garcia, Pascual Viudes, Enrique Coll, Santos Hernandez, Domingo Esteso, Ignacio Fleta, Marcelo Barbero, Arcangel Fernandez, Hernandez y Aguado, Manuel Reyes, Enrico Bottelli and 1950's Ramirez.

The guitar is a principle stringed instrument that is an integral part of various musical styles.

It is a common sight in concerts promoting Blues, Country, Rock, and Mariachi performances across the globe.