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Who is faith hill dating

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Maybe that's why, despite the fact that Faith Hill seems to have all the luck, we don't begrudge her any of it.

In the face of daunting obstacles, Faith has shown the strength and grace of not only a star, but a survivor.

Her flaxen hair is long and lustrous, but she's endured the sort of nightmare haircut that would make any woman lock herself in the bathroom.

She's got a marriage many would envy, but she's known her share of heartbreak.

She's famous for her red-carpet style, but she's happiest in a T-shirt and jeans.At first glance, it would seem that nothing could ruffle her feathers.On top of the world professionally, Faith Hill is happily wed to heartthrob Tim Mc Graw.After 16 years of marriage it looks like the union of Faith Hill and Tim Mc Graw is truly being tested.Both famed country stars have been dogged by rumors of infidelity and it has reached a point where in order to stay together, Faith has resorted to trying to change nearly everything about the man that she married. 2nd print edition of , Faith recently demanded that Tim put his Nashville ranch on the market – which for him was like the kiss of death to their struggling relationship.They wanted to "feel connected to the outside," Hill explained to Architectural Digest, especially when it comes to the ocean breeze.