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Zak bagans dating

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Although, I’m probably best known for my work in the paranormal field and involvement in various paranormal Television programs, I’m also an actress, lead singer of a band, producer and lecturer.

Having grown up in haunted houses left me with a desire to seek out the unknown. In fact, in third grade I had a teacher tell me that I was never going to amount to anything and that no one would ever hire me. I barely graduated high school and had no real ambition to go to college, the words of that third grade teacher stayed with me for years and I guess over time I believed them.

I’m often asked, “How in the world did you become a paranormal investigator? However, a trip to The Pennsylvania State University changed my life.

I dropped a friend off at main campus one summer weekend and the minute my feet hit the pavement I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to be there.

Well, it appears as though the new mom is already up and getting active.

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The spirit was that of a suicidal woman with whom he had a face to face encounter.

actress gave birth to her baby girl with Ian Somerhalder earlier this month.

If what is said is true these girls may have been threatened/told not to say anything.

Remember for charges to be made there has to be a police complaint made by the victim. Also this is a gossip site, any post can be removed at the request of the person if they are being the subject of a post that isnt true. Zak could get these posts down that easily with no costs.

He is also an author, currently dating with girlfriend Christine Dolce.

Zachary Alexander Bagans is an American who has made his name in an interesting walk of life- the paranormal.